Michelle and her Mr. Right

I don't know where to start when Terry asks me to write about my case. My fiancé and I met one year ago after joining for 2 years. I am a picky person especially about my Mr Right. 'Arm feel' is key because no feel can't live together ma. But the truth is feel doesn't last long. Terry always asks me “想一見鐘情,還是細水長流”. Answer is obvious but my action goes different direction. That's reason I have waited that long. Luckily I finally understand good feel is important but should be measured before deciding yr Mr Right not beginning of meeting a man. I got no feel when I met Jeff. I decide to try to know him more. After a few dates, I notice his strength is my weakness. My feel to him comes after six months and it is solid. I feel secure this time not like before. Difficult to explain. It is different kind of feeling. Shortly we know our match works. These two years of waiting is worth while. Thx for Agape giving me right concept to breakthrough.